Chateaux Construction Company Inc.

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"In the spring of 1995, Garrett Meinke, owner of Chateaux Construction and Management Company, embarked on a very unique and complex, luxury residential construction project. The foot print of this high-end home was enormous, with numerous obstacles and challenges to overcome during the permit and construction phase. By the Fall of 1996, the completed 13,000+ sq. ft. home reflected the exceptional quality, attention to detail, and management skill that are hallmarks of all Garrett's residential projects. Besides his remarkable talent and ability to be an exceptional general contractor and construction manager, Garrett has consistently demonstrated that integrity and honesty are among his many outstanding personal attributes.

Thank you Garrett, for all the effort, knowledge, and expertise you provided during the building of our magnificent residential masterpiece overlooking beautiful Lake Tahoe."

Brian Thomas - Management Consultant

Incline Village, NV


"The operative word in a home built by Chateaux Construction, from the rough framing to the interior trim, every detail is given attention. Even the untrained eye can immediately see a difference. For a home you can be proud of, Chateaux Construction is the way to go."

Larry and Linda Wodarski

Incline Village, NV


"We asked Garrett of Chateaux Construction to guide us through the  process of building our new house. We are so happy he agreed. Having Garrett involved from the initial planning to the final inspection was by far the best investment we could have made.

Garrett's experience and skills are impressive: catching the design flaws before it's too late; quick solutions to unexpected problems; friendly "how to" instructions on every facet of the job; and great recommendations for honest and professional tradesmen and suppliers of everything needed to build exactly what we wanted. I'm certain that having Garrett on the job saved us many times his fees, not to speak of stress, time and effort. The house turned out beautiful, thanks in no small measure to Garrett."

Cate Pons

Incline Village, NV


“Garrett has built two homes for us here in Incline Village, and we are more than satisfied with his workmanship and attention to detail. He is very conscientious and creative in his ideas. Our first home was featured in Log Homes Illustrated, June 1999 with the cover title “Natural Elegance, Atop the Mountains in Tahoe” So we never hesitated to ask him to build our second log home for our retirement. We could not be more pleased with the results. It is truly a masterpiece.”

Walter and Nancy Simone

Incline Village, NV


"Chateaux  Construction Company Inc. built my home in Incline Village several years ago, and it is truly a masterpiece. The craftsmanship is superb and my family enjoys the home immensely. Garrett was great to work with, was always available, and he provided many good ideas along the way. I have recommended Chateaux Construction highly to my friends.”

Phil Gluckman

Incline Village, NV


"Chateaux Construction helped me do an extensive remodel to my home. I found Garrett and his crew to be very professional and easy to work with. Garrett did great designs for my fireplaces and the detail work on the vigas and lattilas (log work) is exemplary. I am extremely happy with the workmanship, and the attention to detail that was given to my home."

Barbara Stromquist

Crystal Bay, NV


"It is January 2008 and we have just moved in to our new home that was constructed by Garrett Meinke of Châteaux Construction. Our dream vacation home was only a dream for many years and being a builder myself, I had always waited for the moment when I would have some free time to build my own house. Eventually I realized that this moment may never come and I was looking for a contractor that would help out in the process. Looking backwards now I recognize how lucky I was to find Garrett - it lead the way to a wonderful collaboration in producing the home. Garrett had no problem helping out with selection of subcontractors and was just as willing and capable to negotiate and supervise subcontractors that were recommended and supplied by me.

Despite having a below average set of architectural drawings, Garrett diligently picked up all the grey areas in the drawings and addressed them with creative and professional solutions. Garrett’s own personal experience as a craftsman set the high standard of execution with all the trades involved and my family ended up walking into a well-executed and well-functioning home which we instantly fell in love with.

Do I need to say that I will recommend him?

You are welcome to stop by and see for yourself and good luck with your new project."

Yuval Bar-Zemer

Linear City LLC - Los Angeles